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Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System

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The engineering capability is very strong ,I am very satisfied with the quality and service of Hangzhou Grace.

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FILTERK provides with our company for effective solutions about filter for the dust emission control for our coal fird boiler baghouse system !

—— Steve Haselton

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Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System

Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System
Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System
Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System

Large Image :  Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: FILTERK
Certification: ISO 9001:2015
Model Number: 01.E900.6VG.HR.E.P
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Plastic bag inside,carton outside. Optional: Pallet or wooden case for large quantities.(Need extra cost)
Delivery Time: 1 week
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 1000pcs/week

Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System

Application: Hydraulic System Model No.: 01.E900.6VG.HR.E.P
Filter Material: Fiberglass End Cap: Galvanised Steel
Inner Core: Galvanised Steel O Ring: Buna
Micron Rating: 3-20 µm OEM: Yes
High Light:

Galvanised Steel Replacement Filter Elements


Hydraulic System Internormen Filter Element


Hydraulic System Replacement Filter Element

Eaton / Internormen 01.E900.6VG.HR.E.P Replacement Filter Element for Hydraulic system

Replacement filter elements for portable hydraulic filtration carts are used to replace filters in existing hydraulic systems when they become dirty from normal wear or when the filter grade or application is changed. Filters should be changed regularly as they become dirty to ensure effective filtering and maintain required flow rates. Portable hydraulic filtration carts are used to clean hydraulic fluid in hydraulic systems, such as those found in process and automobile manufacturing.




1. Material: Glassfiber

2. Filtration efficiency: 99.90%

3. Filter rating: 1, 5,,10, 25 …um

4. Operating Pressure: 1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa, 21.0Mpa

5. Application field: hydraulic system, lubrication system

6. O-Ring: NBR, fluoro rubber



Application area: Electronic,nuclear power plant,pharmaceutical field;hydraulic system;Petrochemicals;Metallurgy;Textile industry;Plastic industry Injection molding machine;Power plants and steel mills...


Quality Standard

ISO 2941------Collapse & Burst Resistant

ISO 2942------Fabrication & Integrity Test

ISO 2943------Material Compatibility with Fluids

ISO 3724------Flow Fatigue Characteristics

ISO 3968------Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate

ISO 16889------Multi-pass Performance Testing



Product Models:

01.E 600.10VG.30.E.P.- 300265

01.E 600.10VG.30.E.P.IS06 317328

01.E 600.10VG.30.E.V.- 302048

01.E 600.10VG.30.E.V.IS06 318525

01.E 600.10VG.30.E.V.VA 324776

01.E 600.10VG.HR.E.P.- 300266

01.E 600.10VG.HR.E.P.IS06 324722

01.E 600.10VG.HR.E.V.- 300726

01.E 600.10VG.HR.E.V.IS06 324571

01.E 600.130G.30.E.P.- 303098

01.E 600.130G.30.E.V.VA 322634

01.E 600.130G.HR.E.V.VA 328254

01.E 600.16VG.30.E.P.- 300731

01.E 600.16VG.30.E.P.VA 300267

01.E 600.16VG.HR.E.P.- 300732

01.E 600.1VG.HR.E.P.SON 329411

01.E 600.250G.30.E.V.VA 321789

01.E 600.250G.HR.E.P.- 329616

01.E 600.25G.30.E.P.- 305725

01.E 600.25G.30.E.V.VA 311468

01.E 600.25G.HR.E.P.- 303748

01.E 600.25G.HR.E.P.VA 311313

01.E 600.25VG.30.E.P.- 300727

01.E 600.25VG.30.E.P.IS06 318286

01.E 600.25VG.30.E.V.- 333291

01.E 600.25VG.HR.E.P.- 300728

01.E 600.25VG.HR.E.P.IS06 324448

01.E 600.25VG.HR.E.V.- 335733

01.E 600.3VG.30.E.P.- 319967

01.E 600.3VG.30.E.V.- 336068

01.E 600.3VG.30.E.V.VA 335268

01.E 600.3VG.HR.E.P.- 300723

01.E 600.3VG.HR.E.P.IS06 318886

01.E 600.3VG.HR.E.V.- 334244

01.E 600.40G.30.E.P.- 329443

01.E 600.40G.30.E.V.VA 328048

01.E 600.40G.HR.E.P.- 303747

01.E 600.40G.HR.E.V.- 304584

01.E 600.6VG.30.E.P.- 303097

01.E 600.6VG.30.E.P.IS06 320764

01.E 600.6VG.30.E.P.VA 328140

01.E 600.6VG.HR.E.P.- 300730

01.E 600.6VG.HR.E.P.IS06 324357

01.E 600.6VG.HR.E.V.- 332120

01.E 600.6VG.HR.E.V.IS06 323430

01.E 600.6VG.HR.E.V.VA 336315

01.E 600.80G.30.E.P.- 300729

01.E 600.80G.HR.E.P.VA 303149

01.E 600.80G.HR.E.V.VA 328190

→ 01.E 625 Series

01.E 625.10VG.10.B.P.- 318415

01.E 625.10VG.10.B.V.- 322522

01.E 625.16VG.10.B.P.- 331694

01.E 625.25VG.10.B.P.- 321029

01.E 625.3VG.10.B.P.- 321118

01.E 625.6VG.10.B.P.- 319427

→ 01.E 631 Series

01.E 631.1000G.16.E.P.- 325007

01.E 631.10P.16.E.P.- 312087

01.E 631.10P.16.E.P.VA 316926

01.E 631.10P.16.S.P.- 311191

01.E 631.10VG.16.E.P.- 312239

01.E 631.10VG.16.E.V.- 303716

01.E 631.10VG.16.E.V.VA 312818

01.E 631.10VG.16.S.P.- 311275

01.E 631.10VG.16.S.P.IS06 316713

01.E 631.10VG.16.S.V.- 311593

01.E 631.10VG.16.S.V.IS06 324540

01.E 631.10VG.16.S1.P 311527

01.E 631.10VG.16.S1.P.IS06 325907

01.E 631.10VG.16.S1.V 323671

01.E 631.130G.16.E.P.- 312606

01.E 631.130G.16.S.P.- 312686

01.E 631.16VG.16.E.P.- 311546

01.E 631.16VG.16.E.P.VA 317459

01.E 631.16VG.16.E.V.- 312274

01.E 631.16VG.16.S.P.- 311828

01.E 631.16VG.16.S.P.IS06 332455

01.E 631.16VG.16.S.V.- 332590

01.E 631.16VG.16.S1.P 311533

01.E 631.1VG.16.E.P.- 321328

01.E 631.250G.16.E.P.- 300289

01.E 631.250G.16.E.P.VA 324497

01.E 631.250G.16.S.P.- 331859

01.E 631.250G.16.S.P.IS06 319824

01.E 631.250G.16.S.P.VA 317232

01.E 631.25G.16.E.N.- 303188

01.E 631.25G.16.E.P.- 312441

01.E 631.25G.16.E.P.VA 317256

01.E 631.25G.16.E.V.- 304511

01.E 631.25G.16.E.V.VA 317292

01.E 631.25G.16.S.P.- 311436

01.E 631.25G.16.S.P.VA 303134

01.E 631.25G.16.S.V.- 315144

01.E 631.25P.16.E.P.- 312495

01.E 631.25P.16.S.P.- 312065

01.E 631.25VG.16.E.N.IS07 335461

01.E 631.25VG.16.E.P.- 312466

01.E 631.25VG.16.E.P.VA 316723

01.E 631.25VG.16.E.V.IS06 331602

01.E 631.25VG.16.S.P.- 311589

01.E 631.25VG.16.S.P.VA 324213

01.E 631.25VG.16.S.V.- 303785

01.E 631.25VG.16.S.V.IS06 334160

01.E 631.25VG.16.S1.P.- 336216

01.E 631.3VG.16.E.P.- 312518

01.E 631.3VG.16.E.V.- 313679

01.E 631.3VG.16.S.P.- 312066

01.E 631.3VG.16.S.P.IS06 336410

01.E 631.3VG.16.S.V.IS06 323453

01.E 631.3VG.16.S1.P.- 331788

01.E 631.3VG.16.S1.P.IS06 336448

01.E 631.3VG.16.S1.V.- 334245

01.E 631.40G.16.E.N.- 311249

01.E 631.40G.16.E.P.- 311831

01.E 631.40G.16.E.P.SON 322500

01.E 631.40G.16.E.P.VA 313671

01.E 631.40G.16.E.V.- 313969

01.E 631.40G.16.S.P.- 300282

01.E 631.40G.16.S.V.- 324637

01.E 631.500G.16.E.P.- 326556

01.E 631.500G.16.E.P.VA 308866

01.E 631.60G.16.E.P.- 317794

01.E 631.60G.16.S.P.- 319160

01.E 631.6VG.16.E.P.- 312424

01.E 631.6VG.16.E.P.IS06 325854

01.E 631.6VG.16.S.P.- 312389

01.E 631.6VG.16.S.P.IS06 319452

01.E 631.6VG.16.S.V.- 318226

01.E 631.6VG.16.S1.P.- 323670

01.E 631.6VG.16.S1.P.IS06 325095

01.E 631.80G.16.E.P.- 312436

01.E 631.80G.16.E.P.VA 300284

01.E 631.80G.16.E.V.- 305065

01.E 631.80G.16.E.V.VA 312541

01.E 631.80G.16.S.P.- 312684

01.E 631.80G.16.S.V.- 313623

01.E 631.80G.16.S1.P.- 329408


Replacement Product extension

EPE filter element

VICKERS filter element

ARGO filter element

FILTREC filter element

HYDAC filter element

HY-PRO filter element

INTERNORMAN filter element

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PARKER filter element

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Eaton filter element

Internormen filter element


Type Hydraulic Filter Element
Dimension Standard
Filter Material Fiberglass
Micron Rating 3-20um
End Caps Galvanised steel
Inner Core none
O-Ring Buna
Loading Port Shanghai
Lead Time Around 7 days
Payment T/T ; West Union ; Paypal

By sea to your nearest port

By air to your nearest airport

By express (DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT,EMS) to your door

Package Carton
Max Capacity

Around 1000 pcs per month




Eaton Internormen Replacement Filter Element For Hydraulic System 0


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